The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Like Premier League football the IPL now has a long tail of brouhaha and scandal, all packed into six weeks, but the fifth edition saw a maturing tournament, with close games and a high-class thrilling final. Nick Sadleir reports.

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1 vs 2

England may be the number one Test side in the world but man-for-man South Africa have the higher-ranked players. Their results have not always reflected this over the last year, but with the bowling attack becoming an ever more formidable unit will South Africa finally make their whole greater than the considerable sum of their parts? Nick Sadleir casts an eye over their likely squad and asks why on earth is this clash of the Titans only being played over three Tests?

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Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other

Anyone who loves cricket feels nothing but sadness at the state of play in the West Indies – and it’s getting worse. The Test team touring England are not just a shadow of their former selves, they’re a shadow of the present, with half a team at the IPL. Given England’s travails against spin it is a great shame that Sunil Narine, the mystery off-spinner, will not be arriving until the one-dayers. England’s batsmen may be relieved, but it makes a mockery of the series. Nick Sadleir, who was at the Barbados Test against Australia, before heading to the IPL himself, casts an eye over the strengths and weaknesses of what is left and suggests that England will face some tough individual examinations but collectively should roll them over as Australia did.

Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other

IPL5: Bling Reloaded?

Even if the Indian Premier League’s brand value takes another dive in 2012, the competition is still one heck of a money spinner in a country that is completely gaga for limited-overs cricket.

I looked ahead to the fifth installment of the Twenty20 tournament for the April edition of Spin magazine.

IPL5 preview

Analysis – End of the Draw

Last year the cricket world went 18 Test matches without a draw. Pundits wondered why, and whether the five-day game was being changed by cricket’s shorter formats.

In this piece, which was published in the April edition of Spin magazine, I analysed some of the reasons why results are becoming more prominent. Click the link below to read the article as it appeared in the magazine.

End of the Draw