World Cup T20 – Showtime

The IPL might have the money but the ICC World Twenty20 has the quality. All the best players in world – except one – will be doing battle for their countries. Who will emerge and with what tactics? Nick Sadleir, who will be our man on the road, casts his eye over the competition.

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Over The Rainbow

Nick Sadleir was a seven-year-old growing up in Johannesburg when he watched an all-white South African cricket team readmitted into the international game. Here he puts into perspective where this different South African side’s Test series victory against England and rise to the top of the rankings ranks.

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From Delhi to Darjeeling – The Islander

New Delhi, India’s capital, is sprinkled with gems: incredible ancient monuments, magnificent museums, unbelievable shopping opportunities, a thriving arts scene and some of the subcontinent’s most delicious cuisine. Charming ruins lie in contrast to modern stadiums (Delhi hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games) and metro systems.

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